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Zodiac gives their authorized dealers the opportunity to follow the S&S™ training and certification program so they can become a PRO TUNING CENTER, SIDEWINDER CENTER, and/or VFI TUNING CENTER. These are a must for any dealer working with S&S™ engines or S&S™ VFI (Variable Fuel Injection).
Certification from S&S™ will earn your shop a distinction in the marketplace that adds customer confidence and respect for your technicians, and this is all done at the Zodiac facility in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands.
S&S™ PROVEN PERFORMANCE, Because every industry has a leader.

S&S™ technician training Zodiac dealers at the Zodiac premises in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands. An S&S™ instructor/technician will come over to the Zodiac facility for a week, enabling our valued dealers to follow the 2 day VFI TUNING course, 3 day SIDEWINDER course, or do both, which is the 5 day PRO TUNING course. Once each course is done, the participants have to pass a test to become certified by S&S™. These are exactly the same courses as S&S™ give in their La Crosse, Wisconsin training facilities, and these courses are led by their own instructors. Zodiac has a fully equipped Dynojet Model 250, with eddy brake system and two wide-band oxygen sensors, which is used during the VFI TUNING course and our workshop facilities are made available during the practice days of the SIDEWINDER course. Furthermore, we are in the process of building a classroom, so everything, including the class-room days, can be done in-house.

Course details (available for authorized Zodiac dealers only):

The two-day class will deal with S&S™ VFI with and without Closed-Loop technology, Pro Tune II software operation, dyno tuning and how to use a dyno for troubleshooting. It will cover Magneti Morelli, Delphi and S&S™ VFI systems and it's components.
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Over the three day course, you will work on machining operations, get into SH-Series (Shovelhead-style), V-Series (Evolution®-style) engines and T-Series (twin cam-style) engine labs and spend time on breather systems, oiling circuits, carburetors, exhausts and tuning.
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The third course combines the above Fuel Injection and Sidewinder Center qualification work into one. You can elect to attend for five days straight or take each course separately. Either way you will receive all the instruction involved in both.
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Movies taken during the VFI class at Zodiac

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